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Indeed, I can never stop when war is on.
This nation has raised me for these days.Lieutenant Mehmet Fevzi Efendi

Military Service Records

Military Service Records
Reference: Ministry of National Defense, Directorate General for Administrative Services,
Department of Preventive Affairs, Archive Services Branch Office.
Military Service Records 2
Military Service Records 3

Atatürk’s Notebook

Lieutenant Mehmet Fevzi Efendi was an officer whose name recorded in handwriting by Atatürk in his Notebook.

Atatürk’s Notebook
Atatürk’s Notebook 1Atatürk’s Notebook 2

Reference: Atatürk’s Notebooks VII, Page 144,145
The Directorate of General Staff Military History and Strategic Study Publications, 2007

Dying a Martyr

Şehadet bildirimi
Source: 19th Division Chronicles in the Gallipoli Wars, 2nd Volume, Page: 119
Translation of the Martyr Declaration