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Ana sayfaya gitMajor Ali Faik Bey Biography

He died a martyr "in glory and sacrifice as befits an Ottoman Officer".Enver Pasha
The Photo of Major Ali Faik Bey with Uniform

Major Ali Faik Bey was born in Livana, the town of Batum in 1872. His father was Senior Captain Şakir Efendi who joined the Dömeke pitched Battle at the Epirus Front in the 1897 Turkish-Greek War, the last Ottoman victory, received a commendation from the Padishah. A part of his childhood past in Sirya, a town of Artvin. He emigrated at his six with his mother and some relatives to Bursa after the defeat of the Ottoman State in the 1877-1788 Ottoman-Russian War (93 War). His father, who was a soldier, and his sister remained behind. In 1892, he graduated from Bursa Military High School and in 1895, from Istanbul War Academy. He was tall, hazel eyes, wheat-skinned. In 1905, he married Fatma Hamdiye, they had one daughter and one son.

Major Ali Faik Bey joined the 1st Balkan War. He was the Commander of the 2nd Battalion, 51st Regiment, 17th Division, 6th Manastır Army Corps of the Vardar Army and then the Commander of the 51st Regiment from October 29, 1912 on. Major Ali Faik Bey, besides many battles, drawing near the enemy front by night stroll led the Soroviç Battle to victory and was requested to be rewarded by promotion. He returned home in 1913 after the war ended, his wife and little daughter whom he had taken with him to the Balkans returned after a while.

Major Ali Faik Bey could not see much his son born in 1914. In the Gallipoli War he was appointed as the Commander of the 1st Battalion, 33rd Regiment, 11th Division, the 4th Army Corps of the 5th Army. He was appointed as the Acting Commander after the Lieutenant Colonel Ahmet Şevki Bey fell a martyr on Thursday, April 29, 1915. He, too, fell a martyr with a bullet to his forehead around 10.00 on Friday Morning, April 30, at Kabatepe while he was observing the enemy fronts. He was 43. He was buried on Çamburnu (Chamburnu) in Gallipoli.

“He was known as a firm and calm, iron-hearted, esteemed commander.”